Auto Insurance in New York

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There are a number of facts NY residents must know about auto insurance in order for their policies to be valid and enforceable. These rules and regulations are in place to ensure motorist safety, as well as prevent insurance fraud. Here are some New York auto insurance requirements:

* The name on the vehicle registration, as well as the person named on the insurance policy must match at all times. There are no exceptions to this rule.    * Basic liability coverage must be placed on the vehicle and remain on the vehicle the entire time it is registered. Motorcycles are the only exception because they can’t be used year-round.
* Insurance companies are required to electronically file proof of insurance to the NY Department of Motor Vehicle (DMV) in order to prove and verify the person named on the registration has liability coverage.
* Two cards are issued when New York auto insurance is in affect, and the DMV keeps one of them. Policyholders must bring these cards in with them during the time of vehicle registration.
* Auto insurance policies from out of state are not accepted by the DMV in New York. The only way the policy is valid is if it is transferred to a New York insurance agent.

New York drivers must also be aware that a lapse in coverage must be reported to the DMV, as well as any policy changes. If the driver’s insurance company does not electronically file this information, the DMV will issue a letter to the driver regarding issues with their policy.

Some of these lapses can cause suspension of registration and, if the lapse lasts longer than 90 days, the driver must surrender their license to the DMV. Ensure payments are made on time, as well as to the correct insurance agency address in order to maintain consistent coverage.


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