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How to Make an Auto Insurance Claim

Written by Elise Brittan, The first question that pops into your mind after a car accident is “Is everyone alright?” If the answer is yes then the second question will probably be “Now what do I do?” That’s when it’s time to make an auto insurance claim. With over 220 million cars traveling U.S. [...]

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What is an Auto Insurance Deductible?

An auto insurance deductible equals the monies paid by the actual policyholder before any insurance agency will begin payments toward injuries and/or damages. Once the policyholder pays for the deductible, the insurance company will begin to pay for amounts over the deductible amount, up to the amount that the policy states the insurance company is [...]

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Auto Insurance – 5 FAQs

Most consumers have questions about auto insurance — regarding coverage, requirements and options. Finding answers to the most pressing questions can help you to make better informed decisions about your car insurance. Is it legal to drive without car insurance? Nearly each state mandates that motorists carry at least liability insurance, which can cover the [...]

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Finding Cheap Auto Insurance Companies

Article by Editorial Staff @ Everyone’s looking to save money on their auto insurance and that means taking time to shop the various options that are out there. There are hundreds of insurance companies and not all of them offer the same rates. If you want to get a low monthly payment, you need [...]

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