Shopping for Car Insurance Quotes

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Finding car insurance can be an overwhelming task. Knowing which insurance company to choose and what type of coverage to have can be confusing. A few simple pointers will guide you toward the right car insurance policy that meets your own needs.
Car Insurance Basics

Most insurance companies now have websites, but some online auto insurance sites act as the middle person and connect you to a local agent. Read the details and know the process. Filling out an application online can result in an immediate email or a phone call a few days later. If you want to get a car insurance quote from an agent the same day, it’s important to make sure the website or car insurance companies you contact has the same sense of urgency as you.

What to Look For

When shopping for car insurance rates and quotes, make notes on each company and the car insurance offered. To comparison shop wisely it’s a good idea to:

* Look at car insurance policies with the same coverage limits so you’re comparing apples-to-apples
* Know the payment policy and consequences of late payments
* Find a company with easily-accessed customer service with availability by phone and through email or online service
* Research the company for consumer complaints and reliability

What to Avoid

As you comparison shop for auto insurance there are a few things that are important to avoid. While making sure your car insurance includes the important things, you want to steer away from these things:

* Don’t assume the minimum liability coverage required by your state is sufficient. If you’re at fault in an accident involving a high-end vehicle, minimum liability isn’t likely to provide you with sufficient coverage.
* Don’t choose cheaper rates over excellent customer service. You need a car insurance company that will be there for you when you need them.
* Don’t hesitate to ask questions during your comparison shopping and if the agent you correspond with is hesitant or evasive in his answer, move on to the next company.


Utilize a few important resources to help you shop for a car insurance quote. The wisdom and information provided can help lead you to the best car insurance for you.

* Check your state’s Department of Insurance for consumer complaint ratios for each insurance company you’re considering.
* Speak to a trusted body shop and see who they recommend
* Deal with the insurance agent that provided you with other forms of insurance
* Check auto insurance ratings through J.D. Power and Associates

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